My Nerdy 30s Episode 1

A Friend With Toys Is Better:
Episode 1: Steve gets a call from his friend Mark, who has some old toys he’s looking to sell in order to pay for renovations to his house. However, Steve’s elation quickly turns to frustration when Mark doesn’t want to part with a certain franchise of toys.

I love when people call me looking to sell their old toys.  I get so excited that I start doing karate moves in my kitchen!  One of the best calls that I received from someone looking to sell toys was from my old friend Mark.  He was doing some renovations on his house and looking to unload some of his old toys.  Luckily, he called me first!  I mean who else you gonna call?! 😉

The Best part was that he played with the most of same toys that I played with growing up, so I knew immediately that I’d probably come across some items that I lost in the storm.  I’m always looking for items like Thudercats, Batman, Ghostbusters, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Mark said he had some of that stuff!

I’m pretty passionate about trying to recover Teenage Mutant Turtles action figures and memorabilia.  So when Mark said he had a bunch of turtle stuff, I was pumped.  TMNT has always been hot since they debuted in the mid 1980s, and with the recent reboot of the movie franchise, “Turtle-Mania” is on the upswing again.

The question is, would Mark be down with selling his TMNT toys?  Check the video above to see the episode: “A Friend with Toys is Better.”

If you’re reading this and have any toys or memorabilia that you’d be interested in selling, or have a great collection that would make a great feature on the website, please contact me at

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