A Visit To NY Comic Con

In October of 2013, I attended an event that I’ve always wanted to experience live and in person: The New York Comic Con with my daughter, Rowan. I’ve been to plenty of comic conventions and toy shows before but getting to experience the world famous New York Comic Con with my daughter was one of the best experiences ever. I was so eager and prepared to find some of the vintage toys and comics that I lost in the storm and add them back to the collection. What would I find? Thundercats? Transformers? Batman?  Little did I know, as I walked through the turnstile, that I would find something completely different and something totally priceless.

We began by just walking around the floor of the Javits Center and getting a feel for what was in store for us.  My daughter was dressed up as Batgirl and seeing her interact with all the Cosplayers was amazing!  All the costumes were so well put together and they were all so nice to take pictures with us.  We saw Wonderwoman, Mr. J and Harley Quinn, Two-Face,  Spiderman, She-Hulk, and Poison Ivy among others.

I basically raise my kid on Batman so seeing the numerous characters from the DC Universe was outstanding. She was so impressed by the costume design and I think she really had an appreciation for the design and hard work that goes into it all. The best was when she saw Poison Ivy and immediately ran up to her yelling “Poison Ivy! Poison Ivy!” The woman dressed up as Poison Ivy was so kind and treated my daughter so nicely and told her “I love your costume! It’s the best one here!” which totally made her day!posion ivy roro

It was great to see a  lot of the toys that I grew up playing with and used to have before the storm wiped them out.  My daughter hears me talking about the items I lost all the time and for her to see things first hand was really special.  She knows the appreciation I have and how sad I was when I lost those items, so she was super excited to see them in person.  After hearing all the stories I’ve told her about some of the prized pieces that used to be in my collection, I’m not sure which one of us was more excited to see them.  Showing her Masters of the Universe and the Ghostbusters Firehouse was definitely amazing since the ones we saw were in such great condition.

Like a lot of little girls and boys out there, my daughter is huge Disney fan.  Her favorite Princess is Ariel from the Little Mermaid, so when we saw an artist was signing copies of their Little Mermaid prints, we knew we had to stop.  It was her very first print and autograph from an artist, so it was so exciting for her.   I remember I had a ton of autographs that I lost in the flood, so explaining to her the importance of taking care of autographs was the topic of conversation as we made our way to the concession stand for some much needed popcorn! Remember, one cannot survive on comics alone!

As we were making our way around the Javits Center, we noticed that cosplay superstar, Jessica Nigri, had a little booth set up where she was signing autographs.  (Don’t tell the wife, though! lol!)  My daughter is a huge Harley Quinn fan and Jessica was nice enough to sign a poster of herself as a steampunk version of Harley Quinn for free!  Jessica was also so nice to give her some sound advice, like don’t dress like her until she’s 18.  Forget that, try 30! (It’s going to be hard being a Dad of a teenager one day, I can tell already!)


As New York Comic Con was closing for the night and the bright lights of the Manhattan skyline illuminated the mid October night, I turned to my daughter and asked her what she thought about the day at NYCC.  She looked up with the biggest smile that would even impress the Joker and said “Dad we gotta come back next year!”  It was there where I realized this was about more than just trying to recover toys and comics that I lost in a storm.  It was about creating new memories and passing the joy and appreciation of toys and comics down to my daughter.  To this day, it’s the best thing I’ve ever found at a comic con.





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